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TBFM Radio on SnakeOil for Snakes…

“What can I say, Dick Venom & the Terrortones Rock! SnakeOil for Snakes is one of my favourite albums of 2015 and one that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a kick-ass rhythm in your Rock ’N’ Roll soul. I so love this band and their music, a bunch of pysco-rockers on speed, with a touch of lunacy and a good measure of madness, but always with a langerload of Terrortone wit! An album with a sense of humour that will deffo put you in a good place and is certainly one for your collection. FECKIN’ ROCKS!”

KIDD Radio USA on SnakeOil For Snakes…

“Dick Venom & the Terrortones deliver more than what you’d expect from a band with a name like the Terrotones fronted by a guy named Dick Venom. It’s nasty. It’s sleazy. It’s offensive. It’s delicious! SnakeOil for Snakes is as slimy as the name sounds and if you’re into car wrecks, don't pass it up!”

Über Rock on The MonsterPussy Sessions…

“Part Cramps, part Fuzztones, part Meteors, part Elvis, part Stooges, Dick Venom & the Terrortones are a cooler-than-thou throwback to B-movie drive-ins, surf rock, juvenile delinquent flicks, camp horror and sleazy 42nd street porn theatres… yet based out of Nottingham. Location, as anyone will discover with just one press of the cassette deck's play button, matters not when the sonics on offer are this fucked-up and, ultimately, fuckable.”

The Midlands Rocks Says… (Live)

“Once seen never forgotten, it seems a shame to have to relay the showmanship through words. No two performances are ever the same, lead vocalist Dick Venom’s on and off stage antics have the bystanders mesmerised. Dressed in a tight latex cat suit, figure hugging enough to tear if he chose to sit down, he wastes no time darting into the crowd. Naughtily bottom pinching and jumping on the bar while providing the slick looking band with his shrills, shrieks and chants. The music has a crazy psychobilly rock and roll feel; it’s glam, sleaze and comedy horror that doesn’t take itself seriously.”

Puddin’ Out on The MonsterPussy Sessions…

“Recorded live in the studio and available physically on cassette or as a free download, this shouldn’t be missed by fans of reptiles, fun or men in lengerie. Bands like this are vital to rock ’n’ roll, where influences are clearly there to be traced, yet the end product is very much its own monster(pussy) and most importantly a dickin’ good time.”

Über Rock on Invasion Of The SpiderQueen…

“Then again we can always rejoice in the fact that next week sees the release of a new 3 track 7" from Dick Venom & The Terrortones released via Jailhouse Morgue Records. Entitled ‘Invasion Of The SpiderQueen’/ ‘Planet Of The HoneyFuzz’ (‘Doodlebug Blitz’ is added as a bonus song) this is Nottingham’s answer to The Munsters hotrod doing what they do best, playing psyched out rock ’n’ roll music for like minded lunatics… The Überverse needs more bands like this it really does. Quality.”

Rock The North on Invasion Of The SpiderQueen…

“It is impossible to typecast Dick Venom & The Terrortones as psychobilly, rockabilly or punk, there is no genre that encompasses this band’s sound or vision. Much more CBGB than Sex Pistols, they retain that element of English eccentricity and tongue in cheek witticism in their lyrics that is so engaging, yet so often missing from the UK music industry. A much welcomed flash of originality is truly evident and ‘Invasion of the SpiderQueen’ is a smutty, slutty, sci-fi, white knuckle ride that is finger clicking good.”

Behind the White Door Says… (Live)

“I absolutely loved watching them play. Dick Venom (real name "Dick Venom") is the perfect leader for this band. His wild and seemingly unpredictable microphone rapings are unbelievable and need to be seen. I never knew you could perform so many tricks with a microphone! At one point he climbs up onto the bar and literally (and vigorously) attempts to engage in crude coitus with his microphone stand. I don’t think i’ll ever see anyone do that at The Fulford Arms again. It was a legendary moment. I was told after the gig that whilst he was crawling around on the bar, he plucked an ice cube out of a young lady’s drink, rubbed it all over himself and then plonked it back in. Pure class.”

Steve Beebee says… (Live)

“Hedonistic, three-minute hotrod anthems. You can almost smell the gasoline… An orgiastic glut of riffs driven with sleazy intent, the type of tunes that might have featured in ‘Grease’ had John Travolta’s character been played by Sid Vicious, and the T-Birds been exchanged for The Misfits… ‘Get Fucked Up Good’ rams their Eddie Cochran meets Rob Zombie point home. And that point is that new music doesn’t have to be about identikit hairstyles and stylised, tuneless, trend-pleasing angst – it can be about such old-fashioned concepts as actually entertaining the feckin’ audience in front of you.”

RetroMan on Invasion Of The SpiderQueen…

“A glorious slice of sleazy primal Rock ’n’ Roll that chews up no end of Trashy genres and references and spits them out in their own inimitable style. In a way they remind me of Jonny Cola & The A-Grades in the fact that are taking theatrical Glam, with a slightly seedy underbelly, and twisting it into a thoroughly modern sound that blazes a colourful and exciting trail through the current alternative music scene… Making Lux Interior seem like Aled Jones!”

Ringmaster Review on Invasion Of The SpiderQueen…

“Everything about the new 7" three track single from UK psyche rock ’n’ rollers Dick Venom & The Terrortones is irresistible. From the outstanding and deliciously alluring packaging right through to the insatiable and rapaciously mischievous sounds the release is an exhilarating riot of sex brewed blood lusting rock, a fusion of psychobilly, garage rock, and old school rock ’n’ roll which recruits every atom and emotion possible into its carnal devilry.”

AAA Music on RockinRollin’ VampireMan…

“Dick Venom & The Terrortones have a insatiable garage/rockabilly/psychobilly sound evolved from their years of development. It is a glorious tease upon the senses and an instinctive instigator of the body’s rhythms, essential rock ’n’ roll… Rockin Rollin Vampire Man and the decayed treasures within are simply manna from the cemetery and the cause of impatient anticipation for much more from the band. UK psychobilly is in safe hands, we can all rest in peace for that.”

Evening Post on RockinRollin’ VampireMan…

“Frankly, you don’t hear enough bands playing this sort of music anymore. Tracks such as ‘StickyPants Trance’ and the body-shaking finale, ‘Lilly And The Killers’, should do much to cement their reputation as Nottinghamshire’s best exponents of psychobilly rock ’n’ roll. They have a high voltage punk attitude and the sleaze just seeps from every beat, every riff, every howl. This is a band that every rocker should have in their ears.”

Herman says… (Live)

“Rocking his wispy mohawked megaquiff like a Centurian’s Ghost Messer’s (& Madame) Dick Venom & His Terrortones were determined to convert us to their sinfully sordid filth dungeon of ruckus razor-edged rockabilly despite him losing a tooth on his vintage crooner’s mic after the opening number. A minute later he’s dangling from the rafters by his leather pants and writhing sweat-soaked and topless to earn that dentist’s filling.”
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